Nainital is situated at a height of 1.938 m above sea level, this place was discovered in 1841 by an English businessman called P. Barron while hunting in the hills. Barron was so enamored with the beauty of the spot that he decided to retire and build a European colony on the shores of the lake.
Nainital occupies a unique position among the numerous lakes of Kumaon. It enjoys an enormous variety of scenery with its impressive mountains, reflected in the waters of the lake and the green hills that surround it.

The lake is 1.372 m long, 457 m broad and its maximum depth is 29 m. It is divided in two parts, Malli Tal and Talli Tal (upper and lower lake). The lake, sparkling like a precious gemstone in the Himalayan Mountains, On both sides of the lake you can find well laid out shopping centers, with attractive marts, luxury shops and stores. The two points of the lake are connected by a beautiful mall, which is lined with drooping willows.

Nainital has two seasons: April to June and September to November. It enjoys a temperate climate with maximums reaching 27 C and minimums of 10 C. The gardens of the Governor House of the Raj Bhavan are open for the public. People travelling with children will take delight in the Eco Cave Garden, where children can get into learning about the ecosphere, Nainital  zoo is also an important tourist attraction. There you can watch rare species like the steppe eagle, Himalayan Black Bear and the imposing snow leopard, at 9 km distance from Nainital, lies the Observatory or the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), which is the centre for astronomical studies and optical tracking of satellites.

Nainital plays a major role in various ancient myths and legends, and is therefore of great importance to the Hindus. The story tells that while Shiva was carrying Sati’s (Parvati) body back to Mount Kailash, her eyes dropped into the lake, blessing it with the beautiful bluish green expanse of water. A temple was built in honor of the Goddess Naina Devi.

Nainital Hotels


Shervani Hill Top

Shervani Hill Top, Nainital, has been in existence since 1960 and operating as holidays resort since 1981. Shervani Hilltop, Nainital spread out over the lush green and peaceful mountain side a boutique resort having elite facilities. The hill resort is built in the form of little cottages set apart from


Vikram Vintage Inn

Situated 6800 feet above sea level in the magnificent Himalayas, Vikram Vintage Inn at Nainital offers comfort and serenity combined with all modern amenities. Elegant surroundings, efficient services and best of cuisines combined with the pristine beauty of the Kumaon Hills, make it a perfect destination for a holiday


Hotel Suman Paradise

Ringed by the seven hills of Nainital lies the enchanting and sacred Naini lake. Named after the legend proclaiming that the left eye of Parvati, consort of the Lord Shiva fell here, this is where the Naina Devi Temple now stands. Nainital is also mentioned in the ‘Manas Khand’ as Tri-rishi Sarovar


Swiss Cottage

Located in the Lake city – Naintal, Hotel Swiss Cottage was built in 1935 by the British and run as a Hotel by a Swiss gentleman, Mr. Sakley. This is how it gets its name “Swiss Cottage”. Restored and renovated in 2013, Swiss Cottage offers a comfortable stay for work or relaxation


The Pavilion Hotel

The Pavilion Hotel, Nainital. The hotel is located near Mall Road and Nainital High Court. The hotel was established in the 1800s by a British lady Mrs. Perk who started it as a tea parlor for women. The property was later purchased by Mr. Kishan Das Sah and designed into a hotel. We, at The Pavilion Hotel, Nainital


Hotel Rio Grand

A Perfect Blend of Morden & Luxury Provides Awesome Experience of comfortable Stay for leisure and business travellers. Having beautifully decorated rooms with wooden art work on wall and roof keep room warm in winter and cool in summers also gives feeling of Jungle Resort.


Hotel Himalaya

Nainital is a hill-station in Uttarkhand which is surrounded by serene Himalayan mountains and lakes. It is a popular tourist destination primarily for its mesmerizing topography and scenic beauty. Hotel Himalaya, is the perfect hotel in Nainital which offers a view of the vast valleys and the Nainital Lake

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